The Wonders of Chaos.

What do you think of when you hear the word chaos?

Maybe a hectic time in your life, a scramble of not knowing what to do, a scene from a movie with a lot of bad guys and explosions?

The funny thing is, that is what chaos is, but it isn’t at the same time. According to Merriam-Webster, chaos is “complete confusion and disorder; a state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything.” I like to think of chaos in terms of the chaos theory though.

The chaos theory states (in a very simple definition) that randomness in events has an underlying order that can’t be fully predicted. The double pendulum is a great example of chaotic motion. Check out this clip.

Now the really interesting thing is when you take two double pendulums and drop them from two points that can be infinitely close to each other, without being the same. The motion starts to be very similar, I mean they do have the exact same structure and similar initial conditions. But then there becomes a point in time when they start going on different paths, almost acting like aren’t similar to each other. This is chaos.

Okay, now to explain this is a real world sense, since we aren’t double pendulums. The chaos theory is why people get anxious over doing a simple thing wrong even in the slightest way. We have intuition telling us that this could go very wrong if we don’t get it right, it could turn out chaotic.

We let that idea consume us. We have to get it perfect, we need to know the order of events, it needs to go as planned or I will create chaos (perfectionists will know exactly what I’m talking about).

Did you ever stop to think about how beautiful chaos is though?

The path of a double pendulum appears to be completely random, swinging in every direction without any visible course. But there is, you just don’t know it.


The path of your life appears to be completely random, heading in every direction without any visible course. But there is, you just don’t know it.


Life has a predetermined path, and we think changing a single condition of it, in the slightest, will change the entire outcome. We classically forget that our pendulum was dropped from the initial condition already. There is no changing the path, it is already set.

New things start to occur in our lives, don’t mistake those for a new initial condition, they are just the pendulum changing directions again. As you saw, the pendulum can change rather rapidly at times. But that’s not a new start, at least for the motion as a whole. It is however a new start to the motion in a new direction.

Isn’t that beautiful?!

Do you feel that sigh of relief? You can’t control any of the events, but eventually they will swing back and start anew. So there is nothing to worry about! Just watch the beauty of your life unfold.

Go with whatever your life brings. Certain people are brought into your life, without any warning, welcome them. Events can be presented to you to be involved in, take advantage of them. Don’t regret not going for it, because you were worried about what it might cause. Find the joy and happiness in what appears to be random.

There’s no understanding of what is to come. People are corrupt, unhappy, greedy, but in no means does that mean you shouldn’t go for something.

Everyone is the protagonist in the story of their life. You could learn a lot from trying to see the world how they do. Don’t sit and judge someone before you’ve tried to look at their perspective.

An event that causes you to question everything you ever knew? I can see how that could scare you. We like following scripts, taking the quickest path. Why not take the scenic route though? You’ll get to see a lot more out of it, and you might not have many chances to see it again.

We have this fatal flaw of the human condition. It’s hard for us to just be, to just let things take there course. But when you are able to accomplish that, oh the benefits you will reap.

Now just imagine if everyone in the world started to try and accomplish that. That’s thinking big, and who knows the wonders we could achieve. And that starts with you.

Each initial condition of the double pendulum that is ever so slightly different is each person in this world. We all have our own beautiful path to let be.

So you tell me, how wonderful can chaos be?



The world around us is run on vibrations. When you radiate with positive vibes, only good will come to you. This is an application of the law of attraction, on some level.

As I’m writing this article, I’m jamming (and have been for the past half hour) to this song by Bondax.

Give it a listen while you are reading the rest of this article. Or after, just listen to the good vibes.

The song is mostly about love and searching for a love that will last, giving it your all. Blah, blah, blah. Forget the words and listen to what the song is telling you, not the words.

I hear doing what you’ve got to do, not what people are trying to push on you. Give it your all to be you, because you’re the best you out there.


Be submerged by the power that music has. Music is the only thing, I believe, that humans were meant to create. It gives you a certain feeling, running through your body, of goodness and energy, happiness unexplained.

Remember when you would lay in your room back in sixth grade and think about how bad it was that your crush wasn’t interested in you in the slightest. The only thing you felt like you had was that one song that gave you a good cry into your pillow. You needed that good cry.

Then somehow it would go away. Your mom would call for dinner, and you’d have this song stuck in your head and now you’re just jamming while eating your pasta and garlic bread.

Music has the power to control your mood, through the vibrations it gives off. Movies have some of the best applications of using music to set a mood. I always give Disney the most credit because they do such an incredible job of writing the perfect melody to fit the scene.

Different styles of music give different vibes to certain people. Vibrations resonate at a different frequencies. You have to find yours, but I recommend using a playlist of good vibes to start your day right. On your way to work, stuck in traffic, the best thing to do is jam to the tunes that hit home for you. It accomplishes two things: getting you through the traffic with the least amount of road rage and preventing the traffic from ruining your day.

Here’s a video that I ran across this morning about vibrations and the frequency they give off.

There is some unknown force that creates geometric patterns with the sand particles at certain frequencies. At the higher the frequency, the more complex the pattern. I’ve come across this a couple times now and I find it fascinating.

If we look at the vibrations our body gives off in correspondence with the emotions we have, this is what we find. Emotions that derive from fear (like anger, sadness, envy, etc.) resonate at a low frequency. On the other hand, emotions from love (like happy, excited, etc.) resonate at a high frequency.

If you’ve ever tried to play the trumpet or any musical instrument, you know that it’s harder to create higher notes because you need more control and experience. This is the exact same thing with the vibrations our bodies give off. It is easier for people to give off a low vibration, so they settle. We give in to greed, depression, and anxiety because creating a higher frequency vibration isn’t always easy.

That’s where the music comes into play. And music is just one example of ways to increase your inner vibes. You have to find what works the best for you. Your happiness can’t be sacrificed though. It is, above all else, the most important thing.

Take a long walk, go splurg at the mall, go out to eat, explore where you live, get out and do something.

Set yourself up for success, always radiate positive vibes.