Living Simple.


Minimalism, the idea of having less, only the things you need. Get rid of your wants, empty desires, and get back to what it means to be alive, full of life.

While I have always had an appreciation for minimalism, it was only recently when I decided to make it a part of my life. Now as a 20-something college student, some would say I already live in minimalism. It takes on a completely different meaning when you make the conscious choice to live with less though.

A lot of people hoard more objects than they think; they will either still use it sometime or it has some valuable memory attached to it. In no way do I think people should get rid of their favorite possessions in the name of minimalism, the exact opposite actually. When you rid your life of all the clutter, you will gain a greater appreciation for those items you already love.

That favorite sweater of yours, that pair of shoes that perfectly fits your feet, or any of your other favorite possessions: imagine loving and appreciating them even more. When you simplify your life, you are able to use the appreciation from the things that might have been clutter to apply to the relationships and events that mean more to you. Your friends, family, experiencing something new, trying new food, listening to music, traveling, living life. Forgetting about the things that shouldn’t mean as much to you, that’s what I use my appreciation for.

When I look at my life, I want to see love, appreciation, and happiness. This starts with me, I need to organize my priorities to align with the vision I have of my life. To bring those in, I need to exercise my ability to do so. That’s the reason why I decided to have less stuff. If I don’t waste my ability on excess material items, I get to use it when it matters.

I realize myself slip sometimes though. I see myself receding back to old habits, wanting a new phone or jacket or thinking about how someone else might view the things I own and use. These habits create bad thoughts, therefore bad vibes. No one wants bad vibes in their life!

Having an awareness as to when you slip is the best way to create a new habit. Say you want to eat healthy: when you realize that you haven’t eaten well the past few days, make a plan as to how to eat healthy for today and tomorrow, then apply to future. Taking small steps at a time is the best way to get something done.

So when I embarked on my journey of minimalism, I knew I would have a greater appreciation for the things I already loved. What I didn’t realize would happen is that I began to appreciate things I might not have even noticed before.

I truly believe that everything in life can be appreciated in one way or another; a simple change of perspective might be all you need.

As John Legend sings in his song, All of Me, “love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.”

This idea of a perfect imperfection is fascinating. It’s like that favorite pair of shoes that you decide to keep; all worn, torn, and rugged, yet loved. How? The soles are almost falling apart, barely staying together, the laces have been replaced twice, but there’s an attachment that you can’t separate from them.

Empathize with that, learn to appreciate the things that might immediately seem like flaws. There lies the beauty in everything.