The Individual’s Path to Enlightenment

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Over the past while, I have been thinking, considering what it takes to become enlightened, spiritual awakened. Not necessarily the enlightenment that Jesus or Buddha or any other prophet achieved, but enough to see that this world is not the way it should be, that there is a truth that needs to be searched for.

On this path, one comes to mass realizations about the way our society and world is run. Money is power. You need a degree to get money. Energy is something that we use to run the utilities we need to make our lives run.

People actually believe this stuff, just because someone that is raised on a pedestal has told them. It sickens me.

People need to think for themselves, listen to their hearts, learn to truly love. So much is misunderstood about life. Everyone acknowledges this, yet not many people are doing the real questioning (but there are more and more all the time, and reading this probably means you are asking the right questions).

On our own paths to truth and love, we all come across many difficulties. Discrimination, fear of judgement, anxiety. I believe that in our time, it is hardest for men to overcome these difficulties, and straight, heterosexual men at that.

The classic “man” is depicted as strong, fit, resilient, powerful. Yet, he doesn’t think for himself. He thinks his car defines his status, or his job gives him worth, or how much alcohol he drinks is prestigious.  It’s sad that these physically strong men are so mentally weak.

Naturally, women are the closest to knowing the love the universe holds. They bear children, having life being created inside of them to be the gateway to our world. A mother’s nature is love. And that love is so far extended to understand the truth that love is not simply a romantic feeling, or something that can only exist between a mother and a child. An enlightening comes at birth when the women then understands that she played a part in creating, holding, and caring for the newest being of love in that moment.

While women have the easiest access to this truth, in a sense, they can overlook it and abuse the knowledge the universe has shown to them. There are bad mothers out there, but the point is that they have witnessed it and are closer to realizing the full truth behind it.

Homosexual men come to another realization about how the world runs on love. When a middle school boy is questioning that he keeps thinking about guys when all his friends are thinking about girls, he is confronted with confusion. After time of coming to a realization about his own life, he realizes a different perspective on the same truth that mothers learn.

People are people for who they are, and they are beautiful in their own ways. Finding that beauty is a skill that needs to be learned. Love is the path to seeing this beauty.

Gay is a term now associated with homosexuality, and I find this funny. The definition of gay beyond homosexuality is having or being in a merry, lively mood (from Gay people are happy, vibrant, and in touch with themselves because they understand that their own beauty was realized when they understood that they liked members of the same sex.

This was misunderstood over time, and gay became homosexual, but before that, gays knew a truth in life about how to love others. So they were always lively to be around, being comfortable with themselves and whoever the people around them are.

Bringing the conversation back to the classic idea of a man, he learns to accept whatever is deemed acceptable. And when being gay was deemed unacceptable, the band wagon was created and discrimination started.

Now these are all stereotypes of people, but we need to look past that to see how to grow. The reality of the situation is that people have become so sectioned off, creating cliques that judgement is one of our biggest difficulties we face. Mothers dress there kids up as if they were dolls, gays become exclusive to feel included, men brag about their newest gadget to show off.

We all have to realize that no one is perfect. We all fit into a stereotype in one way or another, and absolutely nothing is wrong with that. Because we are all unique for our combination of stereotypes that we are.

When we have a new perspective on love, we realize how to see ourselves and others with appreciative eyes. Everyone has a uniqueness and a specialty that makes them beautiful. When we start to look past all of those and judge people on material basis, we have to bring ourselves back to the lessons we have learned. That is the truest way to learn something.

We will fail in life. We judge others when we preach about not judging, we discriminate when we want to be included. We have to be responsible for ourselves, to reminder us of the truth we have realized. When we fail, we can’t put ourselves down. See those moments as times to re-teach yourself these lessons.

You are becoming smarter, wiser, and enlightened every day. Have faith in yourself that you are proceeding down the path that will bring you happiness. Remind yourself of the truths when no one else will. And remember to always keep that smile on your face.


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