December 7th, 2015

Today I learned, what I will put concisely as,

“thinking is giving energy to, when there’s a connection.”

It has been some time since I read the Celestine Prophecy, but some of its insights still stick with me. The biggest one being when you’re in a deep, good conversation with someone, the person who is listening is giving energy to the one who is speaking.

To me, this explains why we enjoy having such good conversations. We are constantly receiving energy from someone who connects with us on a deep level, who knows what it is that we truly stand for, who loves us in every sense of the term.

This is such a pure and positive energy that it lights us up in the best way that it knows how: by making us smiling, sometimes uncontrollably. When we become fueled up by this, we are able to process and understand things on a level you previously couldn’t even imagine. And this works in our favor to help us foster good relationships with our loved ones, as well as be presented to others in an attractive way.

You know those people who walk around smiling at everyone, laughing to themselves, possibly skipping or dancing? I’m one of those people. I take care of myself in a way that allows this loving energy to consistently roll in and out of me. I find flow in every moment possible, connecting to the environment around me, staying in the present moment of now and losing myself in thoughts or feelings or sensations.

This allows me to coexist with in this vibe at my pleasure, and in turn I can’t help but walk around being randomly happy, simply at life. There is almost no choice once you know about it and understand it. It is overwhelming. It is unforgotten. It is incomprehendable.

Therefore, our thoughts have little power to deeply understand it. That’s why I am resorting to calling it “it”, because “it” does not have words that can describe it. It can only be felt, by the heart, not the mind. It is beyond a feeling though. Feelings are simply the way we have been given to interact with it.

Feelings come sweeping in like a breeze. One second there’s a slight breeze from one direction, the next moment there’s a strong gust from another direction. These breezes and gusts of feelings are the way that this energy interacts with us. For some people, it can be difficult to understand and hard to express these feelings. For others, they are overloaded with feelings at any given moment and they easily show it. These people are called sensitive.

I am a sensitive person. When I am interacting with people or situations, I am constantly feeling out my environment.  Patiently experiencing the world around me, to get an accurate read of what I’m being surrounded by. I have this desire to understand the circumstances that I have been placed in, and I have this will that won’t let me back away from knowing and understanding as much as I can.

So this combination of traits helped me muster together the wild thought that I learned today:

“Thinking is giving energy to, when there’s a connection.”

Simply, this was realized because thoughts are manifestations of energy in our minds through unknown processes in our brains. When this work is put towards a thing that you’re connected to, it feeds a hearty interaction. Both sides are gaining, but typically completely unaware of this. This is why when you spend time thinking about visiting a certain place, it holds an amount of reverence to you. Then this train of thought is applied to areas all across life.

There happened to be many more connections that I made throughout my day, but this is the one that stuck with me. This is what I learned today.


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Writing about my thoughts and experiences. Reading books and always learning something new in my spare time. Settling for less is not an option in my life. I'm going to experience the world.

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