Love Yourself.

Love yourself because you love.

Love yourself for everything that you have been given in this life, even if there are times when you wish things were different. Those are the moments your love is tested. In those moments, you have to be so loving, to push past the obstacle that stands between you and your own happiness.

But the thing is, that it’s a completely mental hurdle. This game that is being played, you loving and hating these different parts of yourself, is just a dissonance of your mind. You are lost. So you must find yourself again.

There is no simple solution to this problem. You will have to fight, and struggle, and be pushed to what seems like your breaking point. But then you will have to find the energy to not only survive, but thrive in your situation.

You have it inside yourself. The moment you questioned if you did or not, was the moment you certainly did have it already. But it’s unfamiliar now. Something has changed, and this feeling that is called “love” doesn’t feel as loving anymore.

It’s confusing. You look at yourself at certain times in the mirror and the biggest smile comes to your face when you look into your own eyes. Then, at a later time, there is only an emptiness that you see. That lively, bubbly glimmer your eyes had are no longer there.

Does that mean there is a chance that glimmer will be back? Absolutely. Because you have seen it in yourself once before, you will find it again, in time.

Life is more of a journey every time I look at it with a new perspective. Finding the will the love yourself is one grand task, but then what? We think of life in these cycles or phases; that when one passes, another one comes back. It cycles through, like the seasons. So in the same way, when the sun comes out again, everything will be bright, and smiling, and happy again? Yes and no.

Recently, I heard the analogy that life is more like a spiral, then a circle, and that perfectly describes how we have to adapt to life as it continues to move forward. We increase the amount of experiences we have in the world. Maybe they have become more intense, or more demanding, but we learn more all the time, and this adds to the knowledge we already have.

As we age, we have seen more, heard more, read more, ate more, lived more and loved more. We can only gain wisdom through experiencing events first hand, and figuring out how we uniquely deal with the situation.

The way we approach hardship and adversity in our lives reflects the actions we have taken in past experiences. So if we keep feeling some type of way, there is something you haven’t learned yet. There is some decision you have made in the past, that you keep making when the time comes around, and it isn’t productively helping you or the situation. You feel stuck, trapped.

I’m telling you that you have the ability and control to not let it affect you. You have this loving heart that the world deserves to see. You have the opportunity to approach the world in whatever way you would like to. You can put yourself in and take yourself out of any situation you want to. You have control over every aspect of your life, so don’t let a nervous voice in your head determine the way you see yourself.

See yourself for what you are. You are another beautiful soul, existing in a body that was given to you, living in a time when we have a freedom unlike our ancestors before us. If we aren’t living the lives we are supposed to live for ourselves, we are not fulfilling the most of what this life has to offer.

Loving yourself, in this moment is the first step to knowing what you want, where you want your life to go, what you’re passionate about, how to love others, how to stand up to adversity, how to be strong and balanced. Only you know how you want to be loved, so be the one that loves yourself that way. The world will follow in your footsteps.